51 illegally established Fuel Stations sealed in Sindh:

Karachi: Around 451 illegally established fuel stations in Sindh have been sealed and 205 criminal cases have been filed against their operators. 

The customs department also noted that petrol and high-speed diesel was also being sold at these illegal outlets. The FBR has also issued instructions to the customs department of Balochistan to seal six supply routes of smuggled oil in the province. 

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the first to take action on Monday against the 80 illegal outlets of the 343 identified illegal outlets in the area. The customs department will now offer one week to make the relevant documents for legalization. 

The information for this effect was passed on to the participants of the meeting of the provincial Anti-smuggling task force with the Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah in the chair. 

During the meeting, the customs officials identified 15 smuggled goods that were being illegally brought from Afghanistan, India, and Iran. These goods were being locally sold in the Pakistani cities. The goods that were being sold included Gutka, cigarettes, betel nuts, tires, electronic items, cosmetics, automobile spare parts, and more. 

The Sindh police have conducted around 1,279 raids in the year 2020-2021. The smuggled goods that were seized were worth around 8,314 million Pakistani rupees as the meeting was informed. 

The chief secretary in this regard noted that there was a need to increase the operations of law-enforcement agencies against the smuggling activities. Regarding this, there will be an awareness campaign that should be conducted both on mainstream and social media to make people fully aware of how harmful smuggling really is for people. 

He asked Additional Chief Secretary Home Department Qazi Shahid Parvez will form a social media channel to add all the focal members of the anti-smuggling organizations to improve the coordination of such operations. 

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