Malaysian Firm Presents Master Plan for the uplift of Tourism zones in KP

Malaysian Firm Presents Master Plan for the uplift of Tourism zones in KP

Malaysian Firm Presents Master Plan for the uplift of Tourism zones in KP

Peshawar: A Malaysian Firm of an International Reputation has presented a master plan for the uplift of the tourism zones in KP. 

A Malaysian firm that has International recognition has offered to develop the tourism zones in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so that more tourists can be attracted to the province of KPK. 

At a workshop held this Wednesday Norliza Hashim, the AJM Planning and Urban Design Group’s Managing Director Noted that her firm had come up with a master plan. This master plan was intended towards the four tourism zones including the Mankial in Swat, Thandiani in Abbottabad, Ganol in Mansehra, and Madaklasht which is located in the lower part of Chitral. 

She noted that map-making, local planning, destination management plan, phase-wise infrastructure as well as the construction of roads leading to the tourist zones were part of the plan. 

Besides Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Integrated Tourism Project Director Tauseef Khalid as well as the stakeholders of the KP Sports, Tourism, Archaeology, Museums, Culture &Youth Affairs Department, and APUDG attended the workshop. 

The KITE project Director Tausif Khalid said that the consultant firm had presented a draft of the master plan so that the development of integrated tourism zones can take place. 

He also notified that the firm would also disclose the management as well as the investment plans in the next phase. This would consist of various plans including municipal, private sector businesses, and public sector investments.

As per the provided data, there will be six plans/programs for the betterment of the tourism zone in Thandiani which consists of a 428-room hotel and a resort for tourists whereas five projects are for infrastructure and other facilities. 

Likewise, there are also 8 other projects that have been represented for the Ganol tourism zone, this is inclusive of a 218-room hotel and a resort whereas there are 5 projects for infrastructure and other facilities. 

There were seven projects that were sketched for integrated tourism zone Mankiyal, Swat where a 71-room hotel and resort would be constructed other than the 5 projects that were presented for infrastructure and other amenities.

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