Tourism to be Promoted in the City of Saints; Minister Akhtar Malik:

Tourism to be Promoted in the City of Saints; Minister Akhtar Malik:

Tourism to be Promoted in the City of Saints; Minister Akhtar Malik:

Multan: Provincial Minister for Energy resources said that development will take place in Multan to make it attractive and promote tourism towards it from around the world.

Provincial Minister for Energy Dr. Akhtar Malik declared that Multan will be made attractive so that more tourist attention can be attracted towards the city’s historical relics. Multan has for a long time been the hub of politics and trade which is why attracting tourism towards the city is crucial to promoting tourism in Pakistan. 

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During a meeting Secretariat, South Punjab noted that devotees from across the world flock towards the city of saints for its historic shrines and religious spots.

Minister of Culture Khayal Ahmed Castro as well as the Chief Secretary South Punjab Capt. R Saqib Zafar, Chairman Walled City Project Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi, Commissioner Dr. Irshad Ahmad, MPA Javed Akhtar Ansari, Deputy Commissioner Amir Karim Khan, DG PHA, and officers of Metropolitan Cooperation attended the meeting whereas Prof. Sajida Haider Windal gave a briefing on the plan regarding the Qasim Fort. 

Addressing this meeting, the Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab, Saqib Zafar informed that a focal person would be appointed and a committee would be formed so that unnecessary construction at the Fort can be stopped. 

If the Focal Person does approve none of the development activities will be carried out. The Additional Chief Secretary also stated that Rs. 19 million were being spent for the restoration of the shrines for Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya as well as Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam under the supervision of the Auqaf department, from Nov 1. 

Mr. Zafar also stated that the PHA was spending an overall Rs. 30 million for the beautification and the landscaping of the Fort also adding that I would be declared as a Buffer Zone so that any sort of unnecessary construction can be prevented entirely.

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The Government is in the process of implementing a comprehensive plan that will aim for the protection of historical heritage and there are practical steps that are being taken for the promotion of tourism which aligns with the vision that the Prime Minister set out to pursue. 

Chairman Walled City Project MPA denoted that the Haram Gate, Musafir Khana, and Sarafa Bazar have been restored to their original state. 

Commissioner to Multan division stated that the beauty of the Qasim Fort will take priority for the development of Multan. 

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