Construction of Bhara Kahu Bypass to initiate in November

Construction of Bhara Kahu Bypass to initiate in November

Construction of Bhara Kahu Bypass to initiate in November

Islamabad: Construction Work will start on the elevated and much-awaited Bhara Kahu bypass that is located in the busiest section of Murree Road. 

It was stated by Ali Nawaz Awan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Capital Development Authority Affairs while addressing a public meeting at Bhara Kahu. 

He reassured that the project will compensate by easing the growing traffic at the Bhara Kahu, Murree Road gridlocks and he said that the project was expected to be completed in two years. 

He also noted that the area is the busiest during the weekends when tourists head towards Murree and Kashmir so this development is the need of the hour. 

This 7.8 Km bypass is part of the Margalla Road and will start at Quaid-e-Azam and passes through state land to merge with the Murree Road short of Satra Meel.

MNA from Islamabad and Planning Minister also participated through Video Link and said that 4 new colleges and a 200-bed hospital are also expected to be developed in line with the government’s objectives to blend the rural, urban divide. 

The SAPM said that the current government has taken a couple of development initiatives in order to ease infrastructural restraints for the federal capital dwellers. 

Ali Nawaz also denoted that inflation had become a worldwide issue after the novel Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak. The government is making all the efforts in order to control inflation and bring relief to the civilians. 

SAPM also commented that the price of petroleum products and sugar was lower in Pakistan than they were in the world market and this increase too was due to the worldwide high. 

According to the SAPM, several development projects in Bhara Kahu were completed during his term, including the construction of Kayani Bridge, Bari Imam Bridge, Kayani Road, a graveyard, playground, streets, and pavements.

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