Pakistan’s first Eco-friendly Plastic Road to open soon in f9 Park Islamabad

Pakistan’s first Eco-friendly Plastic Road to open soon in f9 Park Islamabad

Pakistan’s first Eco-friendly Plastic Road to open soon in f9 Park Islamabad

Islamabad: Pakistan’s first eco-friendly road is to be set up in the capital within the Fatimah Jinnah Park.

The construction will be one-kilometer, CDA spokesperson reported that the Capital Development Authority will collaborate with private companies and will complete the construction of the one-kilometer road that will be Pakistan’s first eco-friendly road. 

Rana Shakeel Asghar CDA spokesperson said that the road will be formed of the recycled plastic equivalent that is made of more than one million plastic cups. This major step is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goals of a more environment-friendly development plan. From the traditional asphalt roads this is an investment is a future-friendly infrastructure facility that offers both performance and sustainability benefits. 

He also noted that around 500 to 600 tones of municipal waste is collected on a daily basis in the capital city of Islamabad, this is inclusive of the 150 to 200 tones of plastic waste. This project will help with recycling plastic waste in order to make a better environmental impact. 

He further explained this project that after the road project in F9 this concept will be applied in the other cities of the country as well and the major roads of the capital could potentially see a similar change in construction. 

Replying to a question, the CDA Spokesperson noted that the plastic utilization of the inroads will add durability to the road network and also make them significantly resistant to climatic conditions. 

The same technology may also be utilized for the construction of roads in rural areas. Adding to this he said that the roads will be a model project for efficiency, durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. 

He also noted that the green Pakistan program is one of the best initiatives of the PTI government. CDA has played an important role in implementing this campaign where it was making all its efforts to contribute to planting more trees and initiating more Eco-friendly projects. 

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