PM Directs Balochistan Govt. to speed up Developmental Projects:

PM Directs Balochistan Govt. to speed up Developmental Projects:

PM Directs Balochistan Govt. to speed up Developmental Projects:

Islamabad: The Prime Minister has directed the concerned Provincial Authorities of Balochistan to accelerate work on the Development Projects. 

Prime minister Imran Khan expressed his displeasure over the slow development of projects and the Balochistan, especially the southern Balochistan region. He instructed the concerned authorities to look into these developmental projects and also told them to hold the Apex committee meeting every other month to review the project’s execution. 

Chairing a high-level meeting in Islamabad, PM Imran also instructed that a meeting for the execution committee fortnightly will speed up development work on some 200 projects that are approximately worth Rs. 655 billion. 

He was told that only one meeting for the Apex Committee was held in a year and this committee was headed by the chief minister of the province. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan also instructed the concerned authorities to complete Turbat Airport in addition to completing two nursing colleges in both Gwadar and Turbat at the earliest notice. 

The Prime Minister also noted that he would conduct review meetings for the committee on a monthly basis so that any impediments that come in the way of completing the project can be taken care of.

He also noted that the issues that were faced by Balochistan were very different from those that were faced by the rest of the country owing to the massive distance separating the localities and the uneven population scattered in the province.

He instructed the Ministry of Planning, maritime affairs, and energy to coordinate with the Government of Balochistan so that the development work in the Balochistan province can accelerate transport, energy, as well as infrastructural provisions. 

Earlier he also noted that Balochistan is a resource-rich province considering the fact that it, alone produces 40% of the locally produced gas in the country. 

This ownership of the Government was very necessary to make sure that the right issues are addressed and solved strategically.

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