Best Farm House Projects in Islamabad

Best Farm House Projects in Islamabad

Best Farm House Projects in Islamabad

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a Farmhouse then you’ve found the perfect place for advice.  Farmhouses are normally bigger as compared to residential homes and residential buildings. In Islamabad, this has increasingly become a trend. Now more and more housing projects have started introducing farmhouses as part of their projects. 

Booking a vacation home for the weekend or during your days off may sound fun but what if you could own this vacation home? Investing in a farmhouse can offer you some incredible benefits overall. Just a few reasons why you should invest in a farmhouse are mentioned below: 

Easy Escape from Routine: 

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of city life then a farmhouse is the perfect place to get away from the routine. One of the best things about owning a farmhouse is that you will always have a destination ready for you to relax and kickback. There’s no need to book a rental or a venue or spend long hours searching for the perfect spot. 

A Perfect place for Events: 

The wedding bells are ringing and wedding season is already upon us. Why book an expensive venue when you can set up your destination wedding at a supreme location? A place that is perfect for hosting your parties and get-togethers. When you own a farmhouse, you are basically owning a second property that can be used as you see fit. You could put it up for rent and earn revenue out of it or you could sell it when the time is right. 

A Retirement home: 

When you’re done with working it's nice to have a place that is peaceful and allows you to simply sit back and enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. A farmhouse property in this case is the perfect retirement home. Here you can spend your days peacefully growing your own produce and enjoying nature. Farmhouses are normally located in the more tranquil and peaceful sides of the town which is perfect for a retirement home. 

Pine Hills:

Fortunately for you, Arzopedia actively deals in beautiful farmhouses that are located in the serene location of Pine Hills by Pine city. Here is why Pine hills are the perfect farmhouse plot that you should invest in: 

An overall Community: 

Pine hills are not just a property, Pine Hills is a lifestyle. With facilities like in-house Gyms, outdoor cinemas, cafés, barbecue areas, Mini golf areas, wellness spas and more this is the perfect place that you cannot just relax in also redefine your lifestyle. 

Close to nature: 

The modern lifestyle is situated right within the heart of nature. You will find facilities like walking and cycling trails, parks, and waterfalls that are simply serene. Invest here and make sure that you enjoy a piece of nature in your day.  

Complete security: 

Not only does the property offer extraordinary community facilities but there are also state-of-the-art security services that help make sure that you can live in complete peace. 24/7 security cameras are installed, a gated community security service staff is available. 

If that doesn’t sell you the place then you can check out a few other of our projects to make sure that you find the perfect property to invest in:

Forest Hills d4:

Ecological domes and exquisite resort units that are customizable for eco-enthusiasts are the best way to describe this unique property. Engulfed in the Pir Sohawa Hills, the Makhniyal Forest. Cloud 9, reflect resorts and Gdomes are the perfect way to set your standard of life apart from the others. Luxury is engraved in each detail with pools, multiple terraces, Wood fireplaces and chimneys, Folding patio doors, an exquisite location, 24-hour resort concierge, and more

Pine Hills residence:

Pine Hills residence is a service apartment complex that is located in a serene location and that gives you the perfect environment of an integrated resort community. From golf courses, parks, gyms, high-speed elevators to spacious lobbies and concierge services there is so much more that this unique property has to offer. 

To book your spot within some of the best locations of Islamabad, with easy installment plans you may contact us or visit our head office at Chak Shahzad Farms, Islamabad. 

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