Construction work on Ammar Chowk Project is to be completed by December 31st

Construction work on Ammar Chowk Project is to be completed by December 31st

Construction work on Ammar Chowk Project is to be completed by December 31st

Rawalpindi: Chairman Tariq Mahmood Murtaza notified this Sunday that the construction work for the Ammar Chowk Project will be completed by December 31st. 

While three mega projects were being discussed in Rawalpindi the Kutcherri Chowk, Defense Chowk, and Ammar Chowk, news sources reveal that the RDA Chairman revealed that the decision to continue the three projects back-to-back was made keeping in view the current traffic conditions on these roads. 

While talking to the media the chairman also revealed that the overall cost of the Ammar Chowk Project is estimated to be around Rs 1.3 billion, kutcherri chowk at Rs 3.8 billion, and Defense Chowk at Rs 2.1 billion. 

The Chairman also revealed that the Ammar Chowk Project had been pending for around 12 years and now the construction work was started by the government of Punjab with the help of the Rawalpindi development authority as well as the station Headquarters at Rawalpindi who is now in full swing.

It was revealed that owing to the traffic congestion as well as the population growth in the area the project has sustained some major changes. These changes include the addition of the twin underpasses, the addition of a new services line, undergrounding of H.T and L.T cables, according to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, steps have also been taken to make the nearby areas clean and green. 

Amidst the construction work, great care has been taken to make sure that people have maximum mobility and prevent any sort of restriction. He said that despite the Covid-19 conditions and despite the harsh dry winter season the development work has continued. 

He expressed great satisfaction with the work and appreciated the speed and quality of work. He also appreciated the efforts of the Station headquarters Rawalpindi, FWO, and the Chaklala Cantonment Board for their complete cooperation as well as their support in moving this important project in the right direction as well as bringing it near completion in record time. 

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