CDA Launches Probe against illegal constructions in Saidpur village:

CDA Launches Probe against illegal constructions in Saidpur village:

CDA Launches Probe against illegal constructions in Saidpur village:

Islamabad: According to popular news sources CDA has formed a new authority of the title ‘Formal Inquiry Regarding Illegal Construction Saidpur Village’. 

The Capital Development Authority is also reported to have formed a 2-member inquiry committee for the purpose of investigating 18 officials who are supposedly involved in the construction of twelve different illegal settlements in Saidpur village. These facilities tend to fall in the category of Margalla Hills National Park. 

According to an official order numbered CDA-5(401) HRD-1/2017/2868 and titled ‘Formal Inquiry Regarding Illegal Construction in Saidpur Village”, Director estate management, Abdul Razzaq would head the committee while Additional Director (E&DM), MCI Ammad Ud-din Muhammad will presume the role of its member cum secretary. 

The devised inquiry committee will evaluate the conduct of five Inspectors Enforcement, three Manager Park, three assistant director enforcement, two Gardawars (L&R Directorate), one Assistant Director, two supervisors (DMA), One Patwari (L&R Directorate), and one Deputy Director Estate Management. They are all working in Grade 14, 16, 17, and 18. 

This inquiry will be conducted in accordance with the provision of Chapter 8 of the CDA Employees (Service) Regulation, 1992, and on a day-to-day basis. 

The report is set to be submitted within fifteen days of the conclusion of the proceedings. 

According to these orders, all the relevant offices are requested to provide the necessary record as well as details as and when the inquiry committee will be required.

Sources said that the CDA Management has devised the inquiry committee after receiving complaints about the conduct of the officials that have caused the construction of the illegal settlements in Saidpur village. 

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Ansar Raza
Ansar Raza
27 Dec 2021 02:58 PM
Good Initiative for every person in Pakistan. Govt. Should think in other cities as well.

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