RDA has Lost control of six tehsils to the Local Government:

RDA has Lost control of six tehsils to the Local Government:

RDA has Lost control of six tehsils to the Local Government:

Rawalpindi: Six tehsils that were previously under the control of the Punjab Government have now been placed under the control of the Rawalpindi Development Authority. 

It was also revealed that under the new local bodies system Murree, Kotli Satyan, Kahuta, Gujjar khan, Taxila, and Kalar syedan tehsil will now be under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi District Council. 

This new regulation was put into place when the RDA failed to control the mushroom growth of the illegal housing societies in the vicinity. Around 64 settlements have now been confirmed under the authority of the RDA including Rawalpindi City up to the New Islamabad airport.

Following the approval of the Punjab governor, the Housing Physical and Environmental Planning Department issued a notification that included Hakla, Adiala, Kot Koliyan, Narhala, Rupa, Kak, Sheikhpur, Chakra, Chak Rupa, Chak, Lakho, Jatal, Dhok Garja, Chak Jalal Din, Lakhan, Mori Ghazan, Mohra Chappar, Malikpur, Dhok Abdullah, Peng Lad, and more. 

According to popular news sources, there has been a massive growth in illegal housing societies located in the Rawalpindi District owing to the deprived management and the scarcity of human resources in the RDA so that a check and balance can be maintained. There are around 54 legal and 292 illegal housing societies that are functioning in the area controlled by the RDA. 

The action that is so far been taken by the RDA against these illegal housing societies has proven to be a failure since sales and purchase of property still continue in these areas. 

The inclusion of six tehsils as part of the district council will not only put a halt to the expansion of societies but will also deprive the RDA of income that comes under the head of various charges. The Rawalpindi District Council will now be approving the housing schemes under the following Tehsils, it will also be extremely difficult for the public authorities to challenge the local real estate developers who have grown to be very powerful. 

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