What makes a Serviced Apartment different from a Hotel Stay?

What makes a Serviced Apartment different from a Hotel Stay?

What makes a Serviced Apartment different from a Hotel Stay?

When you’re traveling for leisure or for Business there are many things that you’ll probably have to think about. One of the most important things that you’ll find yourself worrying about is where you’re going to stay. 

In the good old days, a hotel stay would have been the most viable option, however, these days there are more options than you could look into. Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments that you may look into for a short-term or a long-term stay. There are, however, a few differences between serviced apartments and Hotels. 

Living Space: 

When you look into hotels within the city, you’re more likely to be charged at premium rates for a bigger space however, with a serviced apartment you will have 30-50% more space as compared to a hotel room. On average a serviced apartment offers studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments that will offer more room to work and relax in. In a location like Pine Hills residence, you will also be able to enjoy a great view. 


Within a hotel room, you aren’t always going to get the facilities to cook for yourself however a serviced apartment offers kitchenettes or a full-sized kitchen to offer you a space where you can prepare your own meals. 

Furniture and Equipment: 

Many of the Hotel rooms will provide a little more than a bed and a bath along with a few more furniture items in a room however, serviced apartments tend to be more convenient in this regard. They will include all the essentials that you would normally find in a home. They are fully equipped with everything that you need to work, cook and live. 

Typical Length of Stay: 

The length of stay is one of the major reasons why serviced apartments are a better option as compared to your typical hotel stay. For starters, hotel stays are not meant to last for long and with the exception of a few hotels, most hotels will not allow you to stay for more than a few days. Serviced apartments may offer up to a month of stay within this location. You will have all the facilities that you would typically expect to have within the comfort of your own home. 

Cost Differences: 

The cost differences between a hotel and serviced apartment will be taken into account when you consider the length of stay. Where you may stay for a few days in a hotel room you may be staying for a month in a serviced apartment. A serviced apartment will save you some serious bucks since serviced apartments will typically cost 30-50% less as compared to traditional hotel stays. The tax savings will make a huge difference during the extended stays. 

Typical Locations: 

Hotels tend to be located within commercial and convenient areas where the major attractions of the city are in close proximity for example airports, commercial markets, etc. While serviced apartments can be located in any residential area of the city. In fact, serviced apartments can be located at any given location. Pine hills Residence in this regard is a serviced apartment located in an extraordinary location within the Pir Sohawa hills among the serenity of the Makhniyal forests. 

If you are looking into serviced apartments then look no further because Pine Hills Residence offers an exclusive opportunity. You won’t just reserve yourself a place to stay within a beautiful location but also have the means of investment that promises great returns.


Last but not least, you will see a major difference in the offered amenities of serviced apartments and hotels. Serviced apartments may not cater to the typical amenities that you would expect in a hotel room including minibars, pools, on-site restaurant/spas, etc. however you will be able to take advantage of other services depending on the location of the serviced apartment. For example, laundry facilities, resident lounges, attended lobby, roof deck, terrace, etc. 

If we’ve convinced you of the advantages of serviced apartments then look into Pine Hills Residence, an exclusive residential solution that allows you to invest for greater returns. 

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