PHA Planted 52 Miyawaki Forests in 2021:

PHA Planted 52 Miyawaki Forests in 2021:

PHA Planted 52 Miyawaki Forests in 2021:

Lahore: Parks as well as the Horticulture Authority has successfully planted around 52 Miyawaki Forests in the provincial Metropolis during the year 2021 alone.

As per the data collected from the PHA, Japanese techniques were utilized to plant Miyawaki forests across the city.

In 2021 the PM inaugurated the largest Miyawaki forest of Asia in Saggian additionally, another large Miyawaki forest was inaugurated at Jilani Park (Racecourse). The third-largest Miyawaki Forest was also inaugurated by Usman Buzdar at Shadman Park in 2021.

According to the Collected data of the PHA, there were around 376, 250 Miyawaki trees planted in the Forests. The Data revealed that PHA planted more than 500,000 native, indigenous as well as deciduous trees and plants in the city. PHA also successfully launched the “Plant for Pakistan” Campaign in the Monsoon and Spring season in which private and government institutions, schools, colleges, NGOs, also participated. PHA dispensed indigenous and local plants to the citizens with the help of Bicycle carts at different places and also distributed around 90,250 free plants in its door-to-door campaign to the Citizens.

While talking to the Media, PHA DG Jawad Qureshi reported that the PHA was doing its best to provide an activity for the locals which would not just be healthy but will also help to beautify the green belts of the roads and parks so that the overall scenic beauty of the city can be improved.

He also noted that the biggest achievement of the PHA in 2021 was that they established a compost plant that would utilize the green plants of the city. This compost by the PHA is now being used within the Miyawaki forests as well as in the Parks of the city.




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