The Real Estate sector is always booming with news but this time it’s something much more important and noticeable. Last week news has been published regarding the most awaited sectors C14, C15, and C16 of Islamabad.

A framework was published on 28 October 2022 by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad regarding the sectors C14, C15, and C16 of Islamabad surrounding the areas of Sarai Kharbuza, Sarai Madho, and Sarai Sangjani. According to the notification published by CDA, the applicants will be allotted residential plots according to the “Land-Sharing Policy” of 2007. And for that, a new framework is devised by the CDA, and applicants are notified to resubmit the application before 30 December 2022, as per the new framework ascribed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). 

Balloting will be conducted and lucky members will be allotted the plots as per the new framework. The result of the balloting will be announced on Thursday 19 January 2023  As far as the strategic location of sectors C14, C15, and C16 is concerned then these sectors are facing the new Margalla Avenue which is under construction. The Margalla Avenue will connect B17 passing through D12 and finally connecting to E11 which ultimately means that the sectors C14, C15, and C16 will also pave a gateway to New Margalla Avenue or Margalla Road. Apart from the connectivity of the sectors to the junction, it will increase the price of not only the mentioned sectors but will also increase the price of adjacent sector B17. 

The ballot process was also conducted last year for 1 Kanal plot of C14; this time, the balloting is conducted for 5 Marla plots as well. The balloting will hence prove the one-year possession claim of CDA.

Now let’s see how the public benefits from this opportunity and what the future holds for these sectors. 


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