CDA to Bulldoze Encroachments in E11 Islamabad:

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority has decided to demolish all the encroachments that are on and around the nullahs of E11 to avoid future mishaps.
Special Assistant to the Premier Imran Khan, Ali Nawaz Awan has said that all encroachments on and around the nullahs o E11 will be demolished to avoid any further flood-like disasters. 
At a press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Ali Nawaz Awan said that all three committees contributed to the inquiry of the E11 incident. 
The incident left a woman and her child dead in the E11/2 Medical Cooperative Housing Society. Overflowing from a nearby nullah left the rear wall broken and the gushing water entered the Basement. Reports were filed into the incident and an investigation was put into place.
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After reviewing the report of the Inquiry Committee, then Member Planning and officials working with him who were involved with reducing the width of the nullah. This led to overflooding on the streets of a nearby street of E11 housing society and is now being charge-sheeted. 
He noted that it was found that the nullah was reduced from 18 feet to 70 feet in 2012 with the approval of the planning wing. The management of the housing society will ultimately be responsible for making any compensations for the people who come in the way of the nullah. 
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In the same ceremony, Ali Nawaz declared that a new regulatory authority is being devised to combat such disasters and to regulate institutions like CDA, Islamabad Institution, and Islamabad Police in order to avoid any such incidents in the future. 
Reports of the Three committees including Police officials, Deputy Commissioner, and Senior CDA officials within three weeks of the incident. 
These reports will be used for a full investigation into the illegal encroachments for demolishing and ensuring no future illegal construction in the area takes place in the future. 
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