Five-star hotel foundation stone faces resistance in Nathiagali:

Abbottabad: Galiyat Thaffuz movement which is aimed at protecting the environment has resisted and does not want the foundation stone for a five-star hotel to lay at Nathia Gali. 

The Galiyat Thaffuz movement has expressed concerns about laying the foundation stones for a five-star hotel in the Nathiagali Valley. The construction of this establishment is expected to interrupt the natural scenic beauty of the place. 

Chairman Sardar Sabir as well as the general secretary Sardar Iftikhar of the organization notified the media outlets on Sunday that a multi-story complex was being constructed in the area. The establishment is being set up in the Ayubia National Park area by encroaching on the forest area without fulfilling the legal process.

Neither was the environmental assessment report conducted and neither were there any reports on soil tests conducted in the area. Chairman and general secretary noted that these reports were an important part of the legal process since the patch of land was situated at the ridge of the forest. 

The environmental body reported that the decision to construct a 5-star hotel on this land was an irresponsible and highly unprofessional decision on the part of the government and if continued the project could have major repercussions for the ecosystem of Galiyat. 

Conservationists strongly opposed this decision and requested that the government reconsider this decision to safeguard the public interest. In the wake of climatic change, this project would prove to go against the government’s promises of environmental protection. 

Environment activists also noted that PM Imran Khan had announced planting a billion trees in KP during the first tenure of his government and after assuming the position of president he also announced that he would plant 5/10 billion trees in the whole country within his tenure.

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