Islamabad’s Irregular Housing Schemes to be Regularized

Islamabad: The Federal Capital has taken the initiative of regularizing irregular housing schemes in different parts of the capital city. 

The federal Cabinet has taken the initiative to regularize unapproved and irregular housing schemes. Well-informed sources reported that these changes will be processed in Zones II, IV, and Zone V. 

The cabinet decided in one of its meetings on August 17th, 2021 that Maj-Gen will be excluded. Farukh Javed, Hi (M) (Retd) from the commission which will overlook the entire Master plan of Islamabad. 

Sharing the details sources reported that the Interior Division apprised the cabinet constituted a commission to review the Master plan of Islamabad and a notification was published by the Ministry of Interior on 28th December 2018. 

Subsequently, because of the cabinet decision of August 3rd, 2019 a number of experts were replaced so that completion of the desired tasks can be overlooked. 

The devised commission completed its assigned task and prepared an interim report on the review of the Master Plan of Islamabad, revision of building by-laws/planning parameters, revision of modalities, and the procedure for the development of housing scheme in Islamabad as well as the RFP for the consultant to review the Master Plan of Islamabad. 

According to the Ministry of Interior staff and logistical support will be provided for the development of the housing scheme by the CDA. The CDA would provide requisite funds for the functioning of the commission.

This commission would play an advisory role and will advise the authorities about the regularization of the housing scheme. 

The terms of reference for the commission have been formulated in accordance with the TOR’s framed by the Government of Punjab in this regard. 

Reports were presented before the Federal cabinet on October 14, 2019, and these reports decided that the TORs of the consultants should be vetted by the planning commission and CDA should cover the finances of the consultant who accomplishes this task within one year. 

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