KP Wildlife Deptt, GDA is in conflict over Ayubia Chair Lift Reinstallation:

Abbottabad: The KP wildlife department as well as the Galiyat Development Authority have conflicted over the reinstallation of Ayubia chair lift.

The Wildlife Department notified that about 60 Kanal land of the Ayubia National Park had been included in this project. This was in opposition to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wildlife and biodiversity act of 2015 as well as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest ordinance 2002.

GDA on the other hand made its claim that the current chair lift was being launched in the same track where the old chair lift had been functioning ever since 1963.

In a letter addressed for the Director-General GDA dated back to 26th  August 2021 the Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife division Abbottabad said that the sub-divisional Forest Officer for Ayubia National Park reported having leased out an area of 110 Kanal Land to a group for 40 years.

He claimed that this land included more than a 60 Kanal Land that belonged to the Ayubia National Park, this was against the rules.

The DFO claimed that the national park was established in an attempt to protect and preserve the Flora and Fauna as well as the biological diversity.

He said that the construction of high-rise buildings as proposed in the master plan is expected to have some serious negative impacts on the environment.

When they were contacted, the sub-divisional Wildlife Officer Ayubia National Park Sardar Nawaz told the correspondent that staff of Ayubia National Park had barred the workers of the group from construction.

The Galiyat Tahafuz Movement, a community-based organization working for the protection of the environment, expressed concern over the lease agreement for the chair lift Project in Ayubia.

Galiyat Tahafuz Movement Chairman Sardar Sabir highlighted that Galiyat was developed to promote eco-tourism and adventure tourism where commercial tourism didn’t have any place. He said the project would disturb nature and affect the environment. 

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