LDA’S Grand Operation demolishes shops and settlements in City:

LDA’S Grand Operation demolishes shops and settlements in City: 

Lahore: Lahore Development Authority demolishes over 195 settlements as part of the grand operation against illegal occupation.

 Several shopkeepers were arrested this Sunday upon resisting the demolishment of illegal shops and settlements. Details suggest that the event took place in the main township market. The Lahore Development Authority’s grand operation was started as a result of the illegal occupation of government land.

Resistance was met by arrests, and strict barricading to the route to township market contained opposition. 3 police SPs assisted in the demolishment. Shopkeepers were reported to have been detained on the spot and heavy machinery was used for effective demolishing. With the help of the detainers, the shopkeeper’s luggage was expelled from shops before structures were produced to rubble.

Media coverage was met with a huge outcry, shopkeepers complained about the loss of jobs. The demolishing was met by huge losses in property and business and over 2,000 shopkeepers are reported to have been affected.

Further reports also suggest that many of the business owners were ready to buy the land however, their plea was not entertained by government representatives. 

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