MDA Seals 40 illegal Shops and Two Factories in Fatima Jinnah Town:

Multan: 40 illegal shops and two factories are sealed in Multan Jinnah town due to the illegal razing of boundary walls. 

Locals had built around 40 illegal shops and two factories on illegal land in Jinnah town by destroying the boundary walls that were around. This action was initiated by the directives of the MDA Director general Kaisar Saleem. 

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Commissioner Dr. Irshad Ahmed chaired a meeting this Saturday on the 4th of September to notify relevant authorities that no one will be permitted to start construction and development without the prior approval of the district government. 

He ordered to launch a crackdown against the illegal encroachments and construction of illegal establishments here. Authorities were also asked to remove the encroachments from cemeteries. 

The enforcement team sealed around 18 shops at gate no. 1 and 12 shops at gate no. 2. Shops in gate no. 3, in the F-block of Phase-1, three shops in the same block and besides two factories. 

Mr. Saleem reflected that the allottees of the town were facing problems due to the illegal commercial buildings, he also added that the MDA will take care of their rights. The authority was advised to establish their writ in their controlled areas. 

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Deputy director of Estate & Land Management, Tahir shah, and the Deputy director Afaq Bhatti supervised the operation while a heavy contingent of the police also assisted them.

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