Inter-Junction Principal Road, commonly known as the IJP road, is the junction point connecting the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The IJP road, Islamabad is one of the most bustling roads in the twin cities with massive traffic.
 The road begins from Faizabad and ends at Peshawar Road. Apart from it the IJP road Islamabad also connects G.T. Road and Islamabad Expressway. The gigantic traffic load is the primary reason behind the Expansion of the IJP road, Islamabad. The IJP road, Islamabad consists of three infrastructions: 1.  2 Flyovers 2.  2 Bridges 3.  7 Culverts (Tunnels) The Road map of IJP road Islamabad is structured in a way that each flyover will connect 9th Avenue and IJP Road whereas two bridges are planned to be constructed at Kattarian and Pirwadhai. Since the expansion is in its construction phase the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is facilitating the locals of the area by constructing a control room for any emergency instances. Moreover, in the 1st phase of the project, the contractors were addressed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the swift completion of the road from Pirwadahi Adda to Pirwadahi Mor as it serves as the focal point because the local bus stands at Pirwadahi that are used by large masses of people traveling in local passenger buses, coaches and also other vehicles using the route of IJP road. Apart from that, IJP road is also used by heavy trucks because Islamabad’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market lie along the road. Around 41% of the expansion construction of  IJP road, Islamabad is completed and it is expected that the project will be completed by the April of 2023. With the expansion of IJP road, Islamabad it will not only improve the traffic situation but will hopefully reduce the accident ratio as well.     .

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