Pakistan Real-Estate Forecast 2021-2022

Your Real Estate wizard is here to guide your investment decisions! Read on to find out about the latest trends affecting real estate growth in Pakistan: 

Pakistan’s real estate sector has long been dormant and for a while, economic instability, lack of transparency, and inflation have guided a rather reluctant growth. Under the stringent lockdown restrictions, it may have taken a year to recover from the Covid-19 blow, but in April 2020, the new Construction Scheme fostered moderate upward growth. Government initiatives are expected to streamline investment inflow in 2022 for a positive real estate turnover.

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Price Hikes have overwhelmed expectations: 

The unprecedented interest of the PTI government has caused a substantial increase in construction activity. Builders and Developers are easily legitimizing their projects with a minimum investigation of obtained assets. Along with the fixed tax amendment, this year offers the perfect opportunity for several commercial projects, particularly high-rise buildings and expansive housing schemes. 

Investments have spiked among both residential and commercial sectors; industry professionals have predicted an estimated 30-40% growth in construction activity. 

Lenient FBR Restrictions:

In the previous years, the FBR Authority has targeted the non-filers often leading to a complete freeze on all assets. As a result, people would purchase a property no more than $5 million unless they are actively registered with the FBR board and pay their taxes. Now that these restrictions have eased up, many of the investors are looking to make substantial investments. 

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Opportunity for Investors:

For an active investor, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in real estate. From commercial to residential, all kinds of lucrative investment opportunities are presenting themselves in the market. Upcoming projects offer diverse payment plans and an opportunity for not just investors but laymen too. 

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